Most projects start with "initial sketches" and then continue to the finished illustration or graphic piece. Some projects, however, have no product and need illustrations or sketches to describe the PROPOSED idea or invention. I have worked on quite a few of these projects and inventions as the "Conceptual Illustration" artist. I did watercolor conceptual illustrations that were use by Formfactor™ to help explain their silicon wafer testing process to potential investors and manufacturers. FormFactor was successful and as a result, these sketches are part of the process description presentation that is now in the Smithsonian Institute's Millenium Timecapsule 2000 as a representative of the cutting edge technology that will be influencing the direction of life in the 21st century!

I have recently finished a very detailed conceptual project that required technicaly precise illustrations, so I used Illustrator and photoshop for this. When the product goes to market I will be able to feature some of the "Initial Sketches" on this page.



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