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Raziel Unger's My Monet: She is currently working with Raziel Unger's My Monet project by publishing a series of blank cards and prints to be sold as fundraisers for local schools and non profit organizations. Some of these cards are featured in the slide show on this page.

Angel Project: Now titled Angels are out With you Today, Janice has collaborated with Fern Michonski and Cheryl Wadell to produce this multimedia illustrated book and CD. This enterprise has been in the works for awhile and is now in its final stages of production. Click on the "Angel Project" link to learn more! The CD cover is featured in the slide show on this page.

Mt Burlingame 2009: This is a special event sponsored by the First Presbyterian Church of Burlingame form September 25-27, 2009. It will be offered to church and community folks as a weekend to reconnect their personal and spiritual life with their purpose and mission within the local community and beyond through special speakers, special events, picnics, music, performances and local volunteer opportunities. Our thematic promotional items will be given to attendees and used as fundraising items after the event. The main image for this event is featured in the slide show on this page.


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Throughout the years, Janice Prey Wolfe has collaborated on various projects with other artists, writers, musicians and performers.

James Rollins: In 2008 she worked with James Rollins to develop the illustrations and conceptual sketches that were used to pitch his first youth fiction adventure book with the working title of "Stone Dragon" to publishers. This collaboration was VERY SUCCESSFUL! Jake Ransom and the Skull King's Shadow has been published by Harper collins and is on sale now at all book retailers.


Gallery & Sales
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