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The Angel Project is a collaboration between Fern Michonski, Cheryl Waddell, and Janice Prey Wolfe. The project was envisioned by Fern Michonski as an illustrated multimedia children's book containing angel poems written by Cheryl Waddell, illustrated by Janice Prey Wolfe and turned into a children's music CD produced by Fern Michonski who performed these poems put to her original music. We also discussed the concept of making this book universally accessible by adding brail and embossing the illustrations. When originally developed, color printing and embossing was too costly to proceed with this concept. Many things have changed since then, and now with the cost efficiency of digital printing, this project is, once again, in the works!

The illustrations and poems from this project are currently being made into prints and greeting cards. As this project develops, there will be more images and information on this page.



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