Since the middle19th century, art and photography have been closely linked. The bond has gotten progressively stronger to the point now where digital imagery has all but combined the disciplines of photography, painting & Illustration. A professional photographer sees images and composition with the same eye a trained painter uses. Both use their images to illustrate their point.

To survive in this digital world where craftsmanship and technique have been co opted by computer software, the only truly creative edge an artist has IS their imagery. I am thankful that although "Anybody can make a watercolor from a photo just like a REAL artist," (To quote advertising verbiage Adobe uses to market Photoshop,) you DO have to start with a decent photograph!

I have been photographing images for reference, portraiture, illustration and art prints since college. As a working artist and mother, I have always had to depend on the efficiency of photography. With film, I would take many photos, but didn't always have the money to develop them immediately. Now that digital photography has allowed the artist to take unlimited amounts of images for the price of a memory chip and a back up DVD, I can afford to pick out the best images and print them with archival paper and ink. I have had years of event and art photography experience and this is an example of my action/telephoto work.

Janice Prey Wolfe, Illustrator
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