Although Painting, Illustration, Photography and Graphic Design make up the bulk of my project docket, Theatrical Design has developed along with these disciplines.

I am a professional vocalist and performer, surrounded by a family full of performers. Needless to say, set and costume design go with the territory. It also works well with Illustration, because theater is really a 3-dimensional living form of illustration.

Because of my realistic painting skills, I can easily translate them to "faux" set painting and design. I am also a seamstress and have been designing costumes my entire life.

Recently I painted sets for "Babes in Toyland", "Guys and Dolls", "Grease", "Lucky Duck, and "You Can't Take It With You". I also costumed a summer youth production of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast". Two samples shown here were backdrop sketches developed for the mainstage musical "Lucky Duck".


Janice Prey Wolfe, Illustrator
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Theatrical DesignScale Drawing forBackdrop

Scale Drawing for Fly In

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