I have been working with local Non-Profits to develop a series of blank greeting cards that will be sold as a fundraiser.

I paint local scenes or chosen images that work best for the nonprofit's target fundraising market and we determine what combination of blank note cards, posters and products would be most appropriate.

Our clients have been able to make a $5 to $7 profit per $20 item, and sometimes more.

We discuss printing costs and price points so we can find ways to keep the costs as low as possible while still keeping the printing within the local or surrounding community!* Our goal is to allow local Non-Profits to support their income needs as well as those of small businesses in their surrounding communities.



* Because most printing is mechanized and is done with minimum labor, it is no longer so economical to "print in China" where the great advantage WAS the low labor cost. If you add the mounting costs of shipping along with the actual carbon costs and time costs, it is definitely NOT cheaper to print in China and more responsible to print in the USA. We are trying to support your local small businesses, and small printers have been hit hard by this recession. This is our small effort to keep all of us afloat!
Janice Prey Wolfe, Illustrator
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